Branded Food & Beverage Service Chains Association

We are Serving Europe

Serving Europe represents the branded food and beverage service chains at European level. Our members provide innovative and valued opportunities to enjoy meals, refreshment or a moment of indulgence, in tune with the needs and expectations of the customers they serve. At the same time we guarantee the quality, choice, style and convenience that match the varied and active lives that people lead today. In greater Europe, current members account for approximately 18,500 outlets, over 700,000 employees and over 20 million customers served daily.

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OUR MISSION Our Mission is to provide true leadership for the branded food and beverage service chains in Europe through services that provide meaningful benefit to members and support their businesses. These activities are geared towards helping the sector achieve its common goals.

Serving Europe is the visible face of the industry at EU level, the point of reference for comments and opinions on the issues key to the sector.

Serving Europe closely monitors relevant policy and regulatory developments in Europe and the evolution of public opinion and provides members with analysis and insight.

Serving Europe promotes the common interest of its members in key consultative forums at EU level with a view to tackling key challenges as an industry.

Serving Europe ensures legislators are aware of the potential impacts of their initiatives with a view to promoting optimum policy and regulation in Europe.

Serving Europe aims to leverage its expertise into consumer behaviours and insights to help in the development of better policy.

Serving Europe also highlights and explains the positive contribution that members collectively make to both local and national economies, translating into a considerable EU-wide impact on employment and prosperity.

We are Serving Europe